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30 minute consultation  is performed prior to any cosmetic injectable treatment. Consultation is an important process to determine if you are medically eligible for treatment, identify any possible medical complications and to understand what you want to achieve. A medical questionnaire will  need to be completed which will determine if you are suitable for treatment. An assessment of your facial anatomy, together with your skin concerns will be discussed and a treatment plan will be made ensuring it is the right one for you and your budget.

It also is an opportunity for Beautify Me to  talk through the treatment process step by step, and  discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. Consent must be gained with you prior to treatment, this includes making sure you are aware of the  procedure, possible side effects and risks, and understanding of the pre/post care guidelines. 


It is a requirement for pre/post photos to be taken. These clinical photos are stored electronically and  confidently on your client treatment record. The pre photos are a record of baseline muscle movement and pre-existing asymmetry in the face. These are great to have for the 2 week review and for  a comparison to measure effectiveness of treatment


It is important you are be prepared for treatment and to reduce any potential possible side effects, (most commonly bruising, swelling and redness).  Also, it is important to know about downtime between skin treatments and Cosmetic Injectable treatments. Please ask your Beautify Nurse about this. The main reason for having the treatment wait time is to reduce the likelihood of bruising and skin aggravation. 


15min follow up appointment is offered 2 weeks post treatment to review the results, if it is your first time or having a new treatment area. It allows Beautify Me to compare before and after photos  with you and to check that the dosage and placement was adequate.  It also provides an opportunity for your cosmetic injector to identify any concerns early and respond accordingly. At this appointment if a client requires a “top up” of ant -wrinkle treatment  this is charged at the  additional per unit price.

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