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Dysport and Botox are offered for the use of anti-wrinkle treatment. It is an approved cosmetic medication to  treat fine lines, wrinkles and excessive sweating. Both brands have the same active ingredient of Botulinum Toxin it is natural purified protein. Botulinum Toxin reduces muscle movement by interrupting the nerve-muscle pathway. It does this by preventing the release of the neurotransmitter which stimulates muscle fibre contraction ‘Acetycholine’ (ACH) from the nerve ending resulting in a temporary paralysis of the muscle in the treatment area. 


The most common areas to have treated is the upper face including  crows feet, forehead and frown . We do offer other advanced areas to be treated, for example:  bunny lines, brow lift,  massester muscles, platysma bands, chin crease, downward turn of the mouth, gummy smile, vertical lip lines and lip flip.


Over the next few days 3-5 days following treatment you will start to notice a reduction in the muscle movement as the anti-injection starts to take effect. For optimal results allow a full 2 weeks post treatment for the final result. Generally it lasts for 3-4 months but can wear off more quickly, this is dependent  on strength and size of muscle, dose of anti-wrinkle, lifestyle factors / metabolism, frequency of treatment.


To reduce the risk of bruising we recommend avoiding non prescribed medications that may effect this. Some examples are:

- Non steroidal anti inflammatory medications Aspirin, Ibrupfen

- Health supplements high dose Vitamin C, Fish oils, galic, vitamin E

- Consuming alcohol 24-72  hours prior to treatment

- Cleanse face as normal and wear makeup if desired



Post treatment you may experience mild redness, swelling and bruising to the area treated:

- Swelling and redness soon settles after 20-30minutes. 

- You can continue your daily activities and wear some light mineral makeup to cover the areas.

- Do not apply prolonged pressure or any skin treatments in the treatment area for the next 2 weeks

- Avoid lying flat for the next 4 hours

- We advise for the next 24 hours:

- No strenuous exercise, hot spas/saunas, excessive alcohol consumption, active skin care e.g products containing retinol , vitamin C , AHA/BHAs

Common: Bruising, swelling and redness at injection site. Tenderness at injection site, headache (following frown and and forehead treatment).


Uncommon: Tiredness/ fatigue double vision, unwanted nearby muscle weakness due to product diffusion / spread of toxin (drooping eyelid and/ or brow ptosis), dry eyes infection.

Rare: Allergic/ hypersensitivity reaction (itching, rash, welts, wheezing, dizziness, feeling faint) Flu-like symptoms

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